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by Admin User - Thursday, 10 September 2020, 5:11 PM
Hello everyone,
It is the 2nd day of the Fall semester now. We are receiving a LOT of phone calls, text messages, emails and Moodle messages every day, so it seems everyone is busy trying to maneuver within their courses. We appreciate your readiness to get started in your classes and commend you for your eagerness.
However, please make sure to read your syllabi carefully, and then open and read any available assignment links before contacting your instructors.

Please note that faculty and instructors are busy developing, grading and maintaining your courses and are not available 24 hours a day to answer phone calls or text messages. Please EMAIL when possible.

  • When you have a general question about the school, please call the school main number.
  • When you have a question about a particular assignment - please contact the instructor for THAT class.
  • When you have a question about a Moodle issue, please contact Dina DuBose.

Please submit assignments well before they are due. If you wait until five minutes before the assignment is due and you lose internet service and cannot submit an assignment - do not panic and call the instructor and ask them to accept a late assignment. Please plan for these kinds of situations.

If you must call your class instructor, please do so only between the hours of 10 am and noon. Phone calls and text messages outside these hours may not be answered.

Instructors' names are included on each class syllabus. If your syllabus states "TBA" (to be announced), then contact Ms. Joan Douglas.
You may also leave a message in Moodle for your instructors. Please be sure to mention the course name.
Instructor's email addresses and phone numbers (10 am to 12 noon):

Ms. Joan Douglas:                                       832 677 6209
Ms. Dina DuBose:                         979 848 6334
Dr. Daleep Kumar                           832-798-0407
Mr. Jide                                                             832 681 0960
Dr. Zakir                            Dr.                                713 775 9120

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines so we can all work more efficiently.